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Economy Cabana Striped Pool Towels

Perfect for discounted gift/souvenir shops or for that person who forgot their towel.

Great pool towels for a hotel on budget.

  • Made from 80% Cotton 20% Polyester fibers.
  • Stripes are 4 and a quarter wide each.
  • 11 Lb per Dz.
  • Home Wash Only, not recommended for Industrial type washing.

We can customize this towels with your logo ! Either Silkscreen or Embroidery.

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    * Our designer will make an effort to use the color you have chosen but there are color combinations that may not be suitable for the base color of this product.

    Vector file formats (ex. .svg, .ai) are ideal but we can utilize standard photo image files (.jpg, .png) as long as they are high resolution (ex. )

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